There is Hope

There is Hope

There is Hope

Hearing the words There is Hope can be so comforting and reassuring that everything will work out just fine.  However, what if you hear quite the opposite, that There is No Hope for you or your situation?  What do you say?  What do you do?  How do you move forward?  Is all hope truly gone?  These were questions that ran through my mind as I carried my sons Josiah and Josias.

I can think of all the things now that I should have said and done then, but in that moment of uncertainty and being told by a medical professional that There is No Hope, (This literally occurred when I went into pre-term labor and thought I was going to be delivering at any moment) that broke me.  Up until then, I had been maintaining my composure.  Those words though, came down like a crumbling building on me and I cried (I cried because I felt hurt and disappointed by those words).

Moving forward, I continued to protect, nourish, nurture and enjoy my baby boys for the time that God gave them to us.  Although I had my moments of crying and feeling down, I was able to focus on Christ as my only Hope from the time we found out we were expecting.  I saw Christ as my only hope because I knew He had conquered death and I saw death (eternal and physical) as the worst case scenario.  As a result of Jesus conquering death, those of us that believe and follow Christ can face the future with assurance of eternal life.

As I reflect on how focusing on Christ made me hopeful, I can smile today about that specific experience that could have left me broken.  Even in that time of hopelessness and brokenness, God’s sovereignty and providence cared for my grieving heart.

So when asked Is there Hope?, in what may appear to be a hopeless situation, your response should always be there is hope in Jesus Christ.










  1. I think this is helpful. It is difficult to comfort people who have experienced great loss. It took a lot of hospital visits and funerals to figure out some of these suggestions. Thank you.

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