Now that I know I am experiencing grief and I am familiar with my symptom(s), what do I do about it?  Well, before we explore what you can do to cope with your grief, I would like to commend you for taking the first step in identifying and acknowledging your grief and the symptoms associated with it.  If you are not there yet, that is fine, please check out the Tell Tale Signs of Grief to help you.

Some of the Tell Tale Signs of Grief are more severe than others, which is no surprise considering that we are all different and we all grieve differently.  Consequently, we all cope with our grief differently as well.  Below I’d like to share some ways that you can personally cope with your grief:

  • Reach out to and accept physical help from your support system (I’ll talk more about this in another post)
  • Talk about how you are feeling with someone you trust
  • Have someone you trust to keep you accountable to doing the appropriate things despite how you may be feeling
  • Recall times where you successfully dealt with grief and realize that their is hope for your current grief
  • Seek help from a biblical counselor or medical professional before the symptoms start negatively impacting others, your health, work, school, daily life, and/or your relationships.
  • Seek God through fervent prayer and intimate bible study

Many times those that are grieving try to hide that they are grieving because those around them don’t understand or for fear that they will be labeled as abnormal.

I came up with an acronym to remind me that my ultimate H.E.L.P.™ comes from the Lord:

Hope in Christ

Eat of His Word daily

Live out His Word daily

Pray fervently

Hope it serves as a reminder to you too!

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